buy to let deposit

Can I Borrow The Deposit for a Buy to Let Mortgage?

I’m quite often asked, “Peter, can I borrow the deposit money for my buy to let, and finance the rest on a buy to let mortgage?”

Or, alternatively, I’ll be contacted by someone who says, “I’m about to buy a property with a buy to let mortgage and I’m borrowing the deposit from my friend/business partner/ JV partner who I met at the local property network meeting”.

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The Best Buy to Let Mortgages For Limited Companies July 2020

There’s so much changing in the mortgage market at the moment that I thought it’d be useful to get an update from my mortgage broker on what are the best Limited Company buy to let mortgage deals. I asked him just to tell me about 75% LTV mortgages – because with the model I use…

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The Best Buy to Let Mortgages for Individuals July 2020

Because the mortgage market is a bit volatile at the moment I thought it would be a good idea to ask my mortgage broker what the best buy to let mortgage deals are at the moment for individuals.

I asked him to look at 75% LTV mortgages because I can’t think why you might want a 65% or 70% LTV if a 75% LTV is available.

Here’s what he came up with.

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Does The Time Of Year Make Any Difference

A great question I have been asked is does the time of year make any difference to buying and selling in property? Well, you would think that it shouldn’t, but it does. Two of the best times to buy if you are an investor is around Christmas time,(this includes the run up to Christmas and…

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Net Yield Explained

A question I am sometimes asked is ‘what is Net Yield and how does that differ from Gross Yield?’. In an earlier post we thought about gross yield which is expressed mathematically as the rent divided by the purchase price, or the value, times 100. It provides a very basic assessment of the return (from…

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How to Bid At A Property Auction: Property Auctions

A question I am sometimes asked is, “If I go to an auction to buy a property, how do I bid?” The first starting point before you do anything is to sort out your finance, to sort out your survey and to sort out the legal side. That is a given. Then when you’ve done…

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